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Dr. Felix Tschopp
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Dr. Felix Tschopp is a Swiss-based advisor, board professional, and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Tschopp Group.

He works mainly in the areas of strategy and corporate finance, in particular the purchase and sale of companies, mergers, private equity and venture capital transactions, business valuations, corporate finance, restructurings and corporate successions.

Dr. Felix Tschopp represents entrepreneurs and investors on boards of directors and advisory boards.

Tschopp Group

Tschopp Group, established in 1996 by Dr. Felix Tschopp, is a leading advisory and investment management firm, focusing on acquiring stakes in companies in "Special Situations." The group actively enhances enterprise value with strategic, operational, and structural measures. Primarily active in the DACH region, Tschopp Group partners with European entrepreneurial families and selected institutional investors. They offer long-term support to their associated companies, working collaboratively on value-added strategies and their successful implementation. With a skilled team of sector and industry experts, the group aims to instil entrepreneurial thinking in the companies they invest in, driving sustainable growth.